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Reclaim Your Leisure Time with Maintenance-Free Synthetic Turf From The Web's Leading Retailer for Irrigation Supplies

Synthetic Turf Is A Safe & Durable Surface for Many Family Activities

Save time, save water, save money with synthetic turf, the newest product from Irrigation Supply Outlet’s extensive inventory of landscaping and irrigation supplies. Beautifying your home with synthetic turf will prove over and over again what a smart, one-time investment can do to increase curb appeal, reduce utility bills, and make more time for leisure activities. Traditional lawn upkeep can be a costly and consuming chore that demands precious free time. Why wakeup early on weekends to mow the lawn, or regularly hand over hard-earned dollars to have someone else trim your grass? With the installation of lead-free synthetic turf, you and your family can sit back and enjoy a gorgeous green yard that requires zero maintenance.

The time and effort required to care for a traditional lawn, in addition to the necessary tools such as a mower and string trimmer, can eat up 3-5 hours of your week, conservatively speaking. Why not devote this time, money and energy to your family or favorite activity? After spending 40 hours or more at a full-time job, your days off should truly be free. Yet maintaining a beautiful lawn at home can be as demanding as taking on a part-time job.

In addition to convenience, a synthetic turf from Irrigation Supply Outlet is a very safe, durable and environmentally friendly alternative to standard turf lawns. Constructed from a special patented yarn extrusion process and free of the lead that has been detected in other forms of synthetic grass, the turf is made to withstand years of high-traffic usage. These synthetic lawns don’t require irrigation supplies and will minimize your reliance on water, arguably Earth’s most precious resource. Free of hazards such as potholes and rocks, and requiring no dangerous chemicals or fertilizers, synthetic turf serves as a fantastic recreation and play surface for children and adults. Even pets will enjoy the new surface, which does not harbor fleas and ticks the way ordinary turf can; this greatly minimizes the chances of such insects entering your home. With synthetic turf, you don’t have to worry about soil erosion and can expect a dramatic decrease in your water bill since it does not need watering.

These are just some of the added benefits of the new synthetic turf from Irrigation Supply Outlet. To learn how to incorporate this innovative product into your existing landscape, and to view all the available products by Irrigation Supply Outlet, such as 5 by 5 golf mats, visit Homeowners everywhere will see exciting improvements to their lifestyle and properties with the installation of this long-lasting and maintenance-free surface.

About the Company: Irrigation Supply Outlet ( is the Internet’s one-stop shop for homeowners and contractors interested in professional-grade, high-quality landscape products and irrigation supplies at wholesale prices. Carrying an unrivaled selection of all the major brands at competitive prices, and with over 23 years in the irrigation industry, the staff is trained to provide you with excellent and knowledgeable customer service, while maintaining a deep commitment to water conservation.


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