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How-To Take Care of Your Lawn (Turf Grass)

Irrigation Supply Outlet helps your turf grass grow.

There are two great ways to take care of your lawn: Aerification and Overseeding:

Aerification helps reduce compaction in heavy traffic areas and increases air exchange in the root zone. This is a very important agricultural practice that helps your existing grass recover from the stresses of summer weather and use.

Overseeding helps increase desired turf in thin areas that have developed over the course of the summer season. Conditions in the fall are perfect for growing grass from seed. Soil temperatures are warm, allowing for quick seed germination. Air temperatures are warm during the day and mild at night, giving seedlings a fighting chance. Be sure to cover your newly planted seed with a good soil conditioner. This keeps the seed moist and protected from birds. Also, use a good starter fertilizer. This provides nutrients and helps seedlings develop strong roots.

Seeding Rate and Mowing Guide for Lawns (Turf Grass)

 Turf Grass Species

#  Per 1000 Sq Ft

Ideal Mowing Height 

Mowing Height for Lawns and Seeding for Lawns

 Perennial Rye 

6 - 10   

1.5 – 2.5 inches

 Tall Fescue
 (includes dwarf types)  


3.0 inches

 Kentucky Bluegrass 

4 - 5   

1.5 – 2.5 inches

 Fine Fescues

5 - 6 

2.5 inches


1 - 2  

2.0 inches

Mowing Heights for Lawn 

We can help you perfect the appearance of your turf grass.

Grass species differ in their durability, their disease resistance, and their weather tolerance. Each species generally performs best at the above mowing heights, although recommended heights may vary with specific uses. Irrigation Supply Outlet has trimmer line to help cut down those hard-to-reach places. 

Prevent Weeds from Invading Your Landscape Project 

Landscape fabric helps perfect any landscape project or home garden.

You can help keep the weeds away from your landscaping by installing landscape fabric. We also offer root barrier products. Root barrier products direct root growth of your shrubs and trees downward away from your lawn. Both of these products are offered at great wholesale pricing with savings of up to 53%.

You'll like shopping with Irrigation Supply Outlet for our great quality, great prices, and easy online ordering. Now you can create and maintain healthy lawns and gardens all in one place -

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