In-line Emitter Tubing: Drip Irrigation’s Very Functional Solution

Take into consideration the positive factors of working with in-line emitter tubing. A particularly favorite product is Netafim’s .9 GPH inline drip tubing (MFG #TLCV9-1201) having emitters spaced every 12”o.c. Now this 1/2” nominal polyethylene tubing is made up of UV inhibitors and even has emitters set right into the tubing wall at pre-set, even distances. There are many alternate options available for dripper types and spacing configurations available by other manufacturers too. In-line emitter tubing conserves water and moreover is really versatile which is why its use, in several landscape irrigation installations, is increasing.
Many in-line tubing products are currently offered now with emitters that contain built-in check valves which will ensure every emitter opens and closes simultaneously. This process conserves water simply by curtailing discharge after the system is shutdown. Many of the emitters built into today’s dripper lines are continually self-flushing instead of only purging once the system is either opened or closed. An excellent anti-siphon emitter choice is also on the market. It is meant to prohibit reverse suction through all emitters the instant the system ceases operation.
Innovative technological design of in-line emitter tubing elevates the usefulness of subterranean construction that improves the short and long term operation of the item. Vendors are adding physical barriers to the emitters to hinder root invasion or impregnating the emitter with chemicals to accomplish the same goal. When running sub-surface installations, it is a suitable procedure to add an air relief valve such as Agrifim’s Air Vacuum Relief Valve (MFG #AVRV50).
In-line emitter tubing is a good product to incorporate on pitched ground because of its slower application rate. This enables for a greater depth of water penetration well before runoff starts. This irrigation product is another smart selection for spaces where there is substantial traffic, overspray which may cause safety concerns, densely planted flower beds and vegetables, non-conforming constructed shrub zones, gusting winds, or areas with small lawns.
Due to many numerous choices, it is always advisable to examine the product features prior to rendering any type of decisions. Selecting the correct irrigation product pertaining to the method of installation is certainly beneficial if perhaps you want to effectively maintain or build robust, gorgeous gardens and landscapes. You may look at the latest irrigation product specifications by the irrigation industry’s best brands together with various other detailed product information* at Irrigation Supply Outlet’s online store at
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