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Durable Water Shut Off Valve Is Essential In Case Of Irrigation System Emergency

Installing a water shut off valve near your main water supply source is essential for every irrigation system in case of emergencies. Many of today’s irrigation systems involve sophisticated technology and little maintenance with proper installation and care, but the possibility of something going wrong still exists. Having water shut off valves handy allows you to turn off the water in order to perform maintenance, make repairs or prevent a faulty system from causing additional damage. Although you may not use the main water shut off valve regularly, it is important to check its condition occasionally to make sure it can be operated in an emergency situation, as corrosion can cause the handles to come off.

Irrigation Supply Outlet carries a large assortment of the two most common water shut off valve types: Gate valves need to be turned numerous times to cut the water supply, while ball valves only require a quarter turn. Both work well, but the latter may be the most practical investment if you anticipate having to shut off your water regularly. Our inventory includes imported and domestic gate valves, ball valves in PVC or brass, and PVC check valves. Both PVC and brass are durable options, though the brass is likely to last longer and be less affected by the sun’s rays. If you are on a budget, the PVC irrigation shut off valve tends to be a more economical choice. Whichever model you choose, pick a size that most closely matches the size of your pipes to ensure consistent water pressure.

If you have any questions about the purchase of a water shut off valve or another irrigation item, our well-informed staff can help you. With over 23 years in the irrigation industry, we care about sensible water conservation practices and have the goods and know-how to help you achieve them. Both the public and contractors receive attractive wholesale pricing, with a savings of up to 53 percent. Orders of at least $149 qualify for free shipping as well. When you shop at Irrigation Supply Outlet, you are guaranteed a wide variety of professional-grade irrigation supplies at an exceptional discount.

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