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Sprinkler Risers Connect Your Sprinkler Heads & Water Supply for Maximum Efficiency

Sprinkler risers are integral to connecting sprinkler heads to the water lines of your irrigation system. Water is run through PVC pipes from the main supply line, and the risers feed that water from the pipes to your sprinkler heads. Also referred to as pipe nipples, these irrigation risers are essential for elevating, extending and positioning the sprinkler heads as needed (hence the name “sprinkler riser”).

Irrigation Supply Outlet carries sprinkler nipples in a variety of materials to meet your needs, including galvanized metal, brass and a sturdy Schedule 80 PVC (the most economical choice). The sprinkler pipe nipples come in many different diameters and lengths to support your landscape. If the water line can’t reach the edge of your lawn, for example, you can elongate the sprinkler head’s reach with a pipe nipple in the appropriate length. Installing certain sprinkler head risers, such as one in a more flexible material, can help reduce impact damage to the more expensive sprinkler heads as well, in case you run over the latter with your lawnmower or vehicle.

When installing sprinkler risers, thoughtful positioning is important to make sure your lawn and garden – but not your sidewalk or driveway – gets watered. The staff at Irrigation Supply Outlet, which has been in the industry for more than 23 years, can share our secrets to smart water conservation. We can help you choose the pipe nipples that best suit your landscaping project, and also the additional accessories and materials that will be required for installation, such as Teflon tape. Our entire stock of professional-grade irrigation supplies is available to the public and contractors at wholesale prices, which can save you up to 53 percent. Orders of $149 or more receive free shipping. Start shopping today to take advantage of our special offers and everyday discounts.

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