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Irrigation Controllers & Timers: The Most Critical Component Of Any Irrigation System

Irrigation controllers and irrigation timers are integral to all sprinkler & drip irrigation systems. They determine when your irrigation system switches on and off, and for how long each zone runs. The controller and water timer make certain your lawn and garden get the appropriate amount of water when they need it most. After the initial set-up, you can rest assured your landscape will automatically receive the necessary care and attention to thrive. Proper set-up of irrigation products can also reduce the amount of water used and the time and effort you devote to tending your property.

Consider smart controllers, irrigation controllers that automatically update the watering schedule to allow for changes in hydration needs – based on weather and soil moisture – throughout the year. Increasing the number of smart controllers for irrigation systems in residential and commercial landscapes could yield huge environmental and financial benefits, such as substantial urban water use savings, reduced run-off and savings for metered rate payers. Starting in 2012, all new construction projects in California will be required to use these devices as part of their irrigation systems. Other states may soon follow California in demanding the use of smart controllers as well, particularly for new developments.

You can reap incredible benefits as soon as you install a water timer, which automatically provides a calculated and controlled application of water by individual landscape zone. With irrigation timers, you also can make onsite adjustments to compensate for shade, slope and sun exposure; reduce plant loss during droughts; and comply with new and ever-changing city ordinances for water conservation. ET controllers are designed to automatically calculate and compensate for evapotranspiration loss.

At Irrigation Supply Outlet, you will discover a wide variety of irrigation controllers that includes WeatherTRAK smart controllers and standard remote controllers. We even carry weather sensors and battery-operated irrigation timers. Our inventory, which includes the manual irrigation timer and  irrigation remote control, consists of major vendors such as WeatherTRAKRain BirdIrritrolHunter, and Weathermatic. We have more than two decades of irrigation supply industry experience, and our technical support team can expertly answer your questions about numerous irrigation systems and landscape products. We offer an unrivaled selection of controllers and timers for your irrigation system at wholesale prices, with savings up to 53 percent. Orders of $149 or more receive free shipping, so start shopping today.

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