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Multi-Strand Low Voltage Wire Ensures Clear Communication Between Automatic Irrigation System Components

An automatic irrigation system cannot function properly without the correct multi-strand low voltage wire. At Irrigation Supply Outlet, we understand the important and necessary role that landscape wire plays in directing water to your lawn and garden; it connects the controller and irrigation valve so they operate effectively together. Buying and installing the right multi-strand low voltage wiring for your system means crystal-clear communication between your various irrigation components, which ensures a smooth, overall operation.

Multi-strand low voltage outdoor wire is insulated to function at maximum efficiency and to protect against unpleasant weather, harmful chemicals and other conditions or elements that can affect its performance. When burying low voltage landscape wire underground, it is best to place the wire in the same trench as your irrigation pipes – and even underneath for extra insulation from the elements. When refilling the trenches, make sure the dirt you use does not contain items that can cause damage to your wiring, either immediately or in the future. By taking extra care in laying a solid foundation for your irrigation system, you can be assured it will run perfectly for years to come, with little maintenance required on your part.

Irrigation Supply Outlet carries low voltage wire that can be used for other outdoor purposes as well, such as speakers and patio and security lights. When it comes to landscape lighting, low voltage wiring is the smart way to go. Our selection of landscape wiring includes durable, 18-gauge irrigation wire that can meet your residential or commercial project needs. Orders equal to or exceeding $149 receive free shipping, and everyone who shops with us can take advantage of wholesale prices that offer savings of up to 53 percent. With over 23 years of experience in the irrigation industry and a long-time commitment to water conservation, we can help you choose the right tools for all of your landscaping projects.

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