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Make Your Yard Shine with Landscape Light Bulbs

The sun shouldn’t have to be up for homeowners to be able to enjoy the beauty of a well-manicured yard. The right landscape light bulbs can allow you to take better advantage of your outdoor space - day and night. Accentuating the beauty of a yard while enhancing security, wholesale landscape light bulbs are a cost-effective choice that can provide illumination where it’s needed the most.

At Irrigation Supply Outlet, we’re pleased to offer a large selection of landscape light bulb options for our customers’ convenience. We carry a wide selection of that can be used as replacement Alliance light bulbs and replacement FX light bulbs, among others.

Landscape lighting is an important addition to any outdoor design for a few reasons. Not only does proper lighting make a well-crafted design stand out at night, it also lends to safety and security by lighting up walkways and discouraging crime by illuminating potential hiding places.

There are a number of reasons why replacement Alliance light bulbs or replacement FX light bulbs are a wise choice for landscaping use. Here are just a few of them:

  1. Longer life expectancy – Incandescent, Halogen or Xenon light bulbs mean regular replacement. A LED replacement Alliance light bulb can last up to 50,000 hours. That tops the anticipated lifespan of an incandescent, halogen or xenon bulb by about 12 times.
  2. Lower cost – Landscape light bulbs shouldn’t cost a fortune to operate. The LED designs are not only effective, they are affordable. It costs about a penny an hour to illuminate LED landscape light bulbs. Halogen lamps cost 10 cents each. That’s a pretty big difference!
  3. Environmental friendliness – It takes a whole lot less energy to power a replacement FX light bulb or Alliance LED design. That’s not only better for a utility bill, but also the environment.

At Irrigation Supply Outlet, we’ve dedicated more than 25 years helping our customers enjoy beautiful yards while learning about conserving water along the way. We’re also serious about energy conservation, which is why we’re so pleased to offer an extensive line of landscape light bulbs.

Just explore our selection to find the best replacement bulbs for your night time outdoor landscape lighting needs, and don’t forget our prices are always set at wholesale. That means our customers save on all their purchases.


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