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Backflow Preventers Stop Cross-Contamination in Water Supply

Backflow preventers - including reduced pressure backflows, double check valves, and pressure vacuum breakers - are essential to any irrigation system. Installed downstream of the system, backflow preventers are some of the best methods for preventing cross-contamination in the water supply, helping to protect potable water from a variety of contaminants. 

Backflow preventers are, regardless of application, essential for public safety. They are some of the most important pieces of equipment in protecting our water supply from a variety of pollutants and contaminants such as pesticides, fertilizer, and more. Each type of backflow preventer offers its own level of protection, and it is important to understand your particular needs - including the type of contaminants to which your water supply is potentially exposed (hazardous or non-hazardous), building codes that may regulate the type of backflow preventer you can use, and more.

At Irrigation Supply Outlet, our primary purpose is to provide the highest quality products to our customers; professional grade products that allow our customers to meet landscaping and irrigation goals. Keeping to this central purpose, we are always concerned about aligning ourselves with vendors and products that match our standards of excellence, and FEBCO is a prime example.

With its roots as a family owned and operated business, FEBCO has maintained a 50 plus year tradition of innovative designs and state-of-the-art implementations to meet the highest standards in healthy drinking water through backflow prevention.

FEBCO products - including their reduced pressure backflow, double check valve, and pressure vacuum breaker - mirror our own company’s commitment to excellence; they are products that we can offer to our customers with confidence each and every time.

It is for good reason that FEBCO continues to lead the industry in backflow protection - working in tandem with architects, municipalities, engineers, and other experts to increase awareness and affect real change.

Whether you’re looking for a backflow preventer for commercial or residential use, you’ll find the highest quality inventory - mostly all American manufactured - at many price points from which to choose here at Irrigation Supply Outlet. We maintain the highest standards of manufacturing excellence and stand behind all our products by offering a 30-day money back guarantee. Febco also offers a one year manufacturer’s warranty.

Please feel free to contact us any time for more information about our products or for help in placing your order. Our team is happy to help.

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